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About us

About us

Dr.Aleksandrs Makarovs


Specialization :

Prosthetics, implantology, dental treatments

Doctor of Science Alena Butkevica

Motto: To treat patients the same way I would treat myself!
Special achievements in education:

  • postgraduate specialization in prosthetics and implantology in Boston University;
  • PhD in Dental Implant Biomechanics in Boston University.

Dr. Butkevica dental practice has been working more than 28 years. Dr. Butkevica has provided for her patients access to the best achievements of contemporary dentistry.

Dr. Tatjana Timofejeva


  • Latvian Medical Academy, 2002;
  • certified dentist;
  • training courses in the Vilnius Implantology Center for Dental Implants and Soft-Tissue Surgery;
  • member of the Latvian Dental Association and ITI.


  • dental aesthetics;
  • root canal treatment;
  • children’s dentistry.

Dr. Alla Baikova


  • Dental Faculty of the Riga Stradins University, 2010;
  • professional training in Norway;
  • constant participation in various courses.


  • dental treatment, endodontics with soothing and precise methods.

Hygienist Ilze Sipeniece

I’ve graduated from the School of Dental Hygiene and parallel to the dental hygienist job; I obtained a Master’s degree in management sphere. When working with people, I found myself – helping others. Dental hygienist daily work gives me the opportunity not only work on patient’s oral care but also to establish a mutual understanding with my patients. Mutual trust is a key factor in cooperation with the patient and helping them to find a right path to health.

Sometimes people say about me – a strict and direct. My opinion is that it is better to know as much as possible because it leaves less chance to fall into the painful, mistaken fantasies and humbug.

Practice is my only place of work as a dental hygienist for 20 years. As a result of such long, devoted professional work I have learned to see something special in each patient. And, while working on their health, I love to point those unique qualities to them…