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Bioesthetics iis a relatively new approach in dentistry, which combines biology, biomechanics, and aesthetics.
The main principle of bioesthetics is complex teeth restoration which includes not only functional but also aesthetic aspects and demands the usage of minimally invasive methods.

The principles of bioesthetics allows doctors to develop a considerate treatment plan and take into account all the factors which influence the visual appearance of every patient.

Usage of Composite Materials

Bioesthetics allows dentists to use different materials and adapt treatment to the concrete needs of every patient. Usually the choice is between three options:

  • manual application, which allows to effectively adapt the composite form to tooth structure;
  • complex functional and aesthetic teeth restoration for patients with extensive dental damages and decreased teeth length;
  • application of veneers – crafted plates from composite materials, which allow to restore teeth visual appearance

The choice of the method depends on the damage type, its causes and extent. Usually dental damages and enamel abrasion occur because of excessive use of acidic produce and beverages. Another cause of this type of damages is bulimia which constantly exposes enamel to detrimental impact of stomach juice.

Creating a Complete Tooth Anatomy

Healthy and complete tooth anatomy is extremely important for:

  • beautiful and confident smile;
  • strong lip lines and correct proportions;
  • prevention of wrinkles;
  • maintaining the right proportions of the lower third of the face;
  • correct chewing.

Bioesthetics takes into account not only the extent of the necessary procedures and corrections but also smiling lines, patient’s age, lifestyle and many other aspects.

Importance of Good Teeth and Smile

  • teeth are necessary not only for chewing and food consumption. They have plenty of other functions and also have a valuable aesthetic aspect. The jaw in which even one tooth is missing gradually wears out and endangers the stability of the teeth around;
  • the dental arch affects the proportion of the lower third of the face . If some teeth in the jaw are missing, it significantly changes the contours of the face, provokes the appearance of wrinkles and worsens the general visual appearance;
  • white and healthy teeth are a symbol of health and prosperity.

If a patient has one or several missing teeth, it is necessary to restore them the faster the better. There are several reasons for acting quickly in this case:

  • after tooth extraction the mass of the jaw bone decreases, which means gradual decrease of the site for possible implant surgery;
  • decrease of gums area makes it more difficult to restore a visually attractive dental arch;
  • new technology allows to implant a dental implant immediately after the extraction of the natural tooth. Healing time is thus reduced and better aesthetic result can be achieved in lesser time, while the mass of the jaw bone and gums area remain the same.

Bioesthetics: Why You Should Consult a Doctor

In the Soviet times attitude to dental problems used to be rather utilitarian. Dental implants were made from then accessible materials, such as gold and silver, and missing teeth were not always restored in time. Modern approach to dentistry is radically different and treatment is based on completely different principles. Treatment is aimed at achieving two goals simultaneously:

  1. Solving dental problems, restoring missing teeth;
  2. Creating aesthetically attractive dental arch, choosing individual approaches for every case.

IBioesthetics allows to achieve positive results in practically any situation. Even hard cases can be solved with the help of modern methods and technology. In Alena Butkevica’s private dental practice dentists will recommend the best solutions for your situation. Patients with special financial requirements will also get the recommendations on optimal procedure choice.

A beautiful smile is a luxury available to everyone. Apply for a visit now of send your questions electronically and find out how can bioesthetics help you!