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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a medical procedure which makes teeth whiter with the help of soothing, reliable, and efficient methods.

The Degree of Whitening

Although professional teeth whitening helps to achieve considerable results, it is impossible to predict how efficient will the procedure be in every particular case.

  • the whitening effect is more noticeable on yellowish and brownish teeth, whereas teeth in greyish tones may not become notably whiter;
  • the lighter the teeth, the better and more noticeable the result;
  • teeth whitening may not be as efficient as planned if it is applied on teeth which became darker after root canal treatment, traumas, and antibiotics. Such teeth are in need of an additional treatment and/or cosmetic restoration;
  • the result of teeth whitening will be different for every person.

Duration of the Procedure

Professional teeth whitening takes only one hour. It is a fast, simple, and very efficient treatment. Yellowish, brownish, and greyish coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco marks, as well as marks from other substances, disappear miraculously in a short period of time.

Currently, there is no other whitening method which would be as efficient, safe, and quick.

Maintaining the Results

After 24 – 48 hours after the procedure the tone of the tooth surface becomes a bit darker. This is a normal process, which should be taken into account. In order not to lose the results achieved, it is necessary to keep a special diet for two weeks:

  • NO SMOKING and NO USING COLOURED FOOD AND BEVERAGES is of vital importance during the first 48 hours. Only white products are allowed;
  • teeth whitening remains efficient if a patient uses a special toothpaste during the first 48 hours after the procedure (a dental hygienist will consult you on this matter). Women are advised against using lipstick and powder, as well as foundation, around the lips area;
  • after the 48-hour-long “white diet” is over, it is recommended to avoid intensive colouring products, for example, red wine, blueberries, black currant, cherries, black coffee, carrot juice, black tea, etc. for at least two weeks.

Products for the “white diet” (first 48 hours after teeth whitening):

  • milk, kefir, buttermilk, yogurt without additives, cottage cheese, sour cream, goat cheese;
  • boiled chicken and rabbit meat (without pronounced spices);
  • white fish (lightly fried, without coloured spices);
  • egg white;
  • white ground rice;
  • white bread without seeds and nuts, preferably with a cut-out crust;
  • cauliflower.

Is Teeth Whitening Suitable for You?

Teeth whitening can’t be used without restrictions. During the initial consultation, a dentist and/or a dental hygienist evaluate if a patient is ready for the procedure. If whitening is not suitable, a doctor will suggest other options of aesthetic dental treatment, such as:

  • orthodontics;
  • dental crowns;
  • restoration with composite materials etc.

Possible Risks and Problems

All dental treatments, teeth whitening included, have a number of restrictions and risk factors. However, usually, side effects and complications are short-term and are observed extremely rarely.

Tooth Sensitivity

During teeth whitening, a patient may feel the increased sensitivity of the teeth, especially patients with a tendency to hypersensitivity. If you belong to this group of patients, please inform your dentist and hygienist in advance. In such cases, we recommended to take a painkiller before the procedure; however, it is impossible to eliminate pain completely.

Dental Fillings and Restored Teeth

Teeth whitening is suitable only for natural teeth. Composite fillings, porcelain crowns, dental plates, and bridges can’t be whitened by this procedure. In order for the restored teeth to have a uniform color, it will be necessary to change the fillings and/or crowns to the whiter ones.

Speaking about the cost of the procedure, teeth whitening is one of the most accessible aesthetic procedures for the oral cavity.

If you wish to have your teeth whitened, apply for a visit to one of our professional dental hygienists right now.