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Our works

Our works

Wonderful Results of our collaboration

Below you can see pictures of real patients in our practice. As a doctor and patient, together we’ve achieved a truly successful and admirable results that fully meets the patient’s desire of their “dream smile”. These patients, just as you, took their first step to improve not only their lives, but to increase their self-esteem. Their smiles now shine with health and confidence. Take your time, look at the pictures below and see what we have accomplished for others and what we can accomplish for you. With nowadays capabilities and our experience possible is almost everything!

See pictures from surgeries !

Dr. Butkevicas cases of prosthetic work
Patient tooth crown prosthesis in the upper jaw and lower jaw!

Before After

Dr.Butkevica : Patient prosthetics in the upper jaw !

Before After

Teeth whitening (hig. Ilze Sipeniece) and aesthetic prosthetics of the four anterolitis with E.max crowns(Dr. Ella Krastiņa )
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Dr.Butkevicas prosthetic works

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