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Endodontics or Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics is the dentistry field which takes care of root canal treatment.

When Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

Endodontics is necessary if teeth are widely damaged and it is not possible to restore them just with dental fillings without touching living tooth tissues. Root canal treatment means that a dentist takes out tooth tissues and dental nerve, cleans a root canal and fill it with a special material.

Root Canal Treatment in Alena Butkevica’s Private Clinic:

  • we evaluate the extent of the damage;
  • we use a special microscope which helps to improve root canal treatment;
  • modern approach to treatment allows to find a successful solution even for hard cases which in the recent past would demand tooth extraction;
  • in root canal treatment we always use a special rubber membrane for tooth isolation – a cofferdam. It protects root canals from saliva and special rinses which are used during the treatment.

When Endodontics is Necessary?

A live tooth demands root canal treatment in case of deep caries (usually is accompanied by pain) and after traumas. The aim of the treatment is tooth preparation and disinfection, as well as qualitative closure of the canals.

When Repeated Endodontics is Necessary?

Repeated endodontics is necessary in three following cases:

  • in case of corresponding symptoms (dental pain);
  • if X-Rays shows inflammation;
  • if previous root canal treatment was unsatisfactory.

In case of repeated endodontics it is necessary to extract material from the canal. It is technically more difficult to extract material from curved canals than from the straight ones. Repeated endodontics demands more attention and more knowledge and skills. The aim of repeated endodontics is to prevent inflammation and heal the damage.

During root canal treatment special rinses, tools and techniques are used. In our clinic we use a special filling technique which allows to fill the canals during one visit.

What You Should Know About Endodontics

Although modern endodontics is performed with professional tools, it remains a difficult procedure which demands high concentration and knowledge. In the most cases after the procedure a tooth remains on its place and treatment can be finalized with dental fillings. It should be taken into account that after root canal treatment a tooth is not considered to be alive anymore because all the living tissues and nerves are taken out.

The results of successful endodontics are as follows:

  • tooth root remains in the jaw bone;
  • tooth may change its colour and become a bit darker;
  • tooth is no longer sensitive and doesn’t react to cold and hot food and beverages;
  • tooth becomes more fragile because blood and nutrients supply is no longer active and because endodontics is performed on already weakened and damaged tooth;
  • remaining tooth becomes more fragile and can be damaged after extra hard food consumption;
  • if after all manipulations tooth mass is too small for successful tooth filling, it can be restored with a dental crown; this method allows to create a monolithic, firm, and aesthetically attractive tooth;
  • root canal treatment is not the cheapest dental service but it should be taken into account that dental implants and prostheses are even more expensive; thus it is worth investing in restoration of existing teeth.

If you are interested in root canal treatment and wish to receive answers to the related questions, make an appointment in our clinic. Alternatively, you can send your question electronically and receive a quick response!